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Launch of our official website : ...

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Phone : (+216) 75 27 41 72
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Quality :
Listening to the customer :
The key word of our business is adaptability. We strive to maximize customer expectations and satisfy its request to the most accurate.
The diversity of areas of our clients, as well as materials which we are asked to treat, require us to deal with several parameters.
Our goal is to offer our customers a service at the best price / quality ratio, craftsmanship and deadlines met.

Security :
To achieve our safety goals, we adopted a QHSE Policy considering the safety issues as a line responsibility in our organization and involving all personal.
It tends towards zero accidents by training staff to detection measures and risk prevention.

Environmental protection :
LES TROIS S undertakes to limit the environmental impact of its actions and products and promote actions for its protection.

Continuous improvement :
We promote continuous improvement and we are ensuring that the challenges before us enable us to move forward.
This involves questioning our decision making, the way we do, how we interact with our respective clients and colleagues.
To make sense of change and build commitment, continuous improvement is only possible through a commitment of all staff of the organization and requires all share a common vision and shared values.